Autumn reflections


I was out walking today and suddenly a feeling of spring went through me, you know that feeling when you can hear in the chirps of the birds that they are happier, and there is a certain smell in the air and it brings with it promises of new experiences and happy times. Then in a blink of an eye, I remembered it is autumn and my heart dropped a bit, but then I was reminded again that actually I have grown to love this time of year too. Now the evenings are getting colder and darker and I can be happy just staying inside with cocoa, a good book or maybe too many episodes of “Modern Family” on Netflix. Before I would get low and depressed this time of year, now I have found ways of staying happy through meditation, yoga and connecting more with nature. Sharing here a poem about letting go while the autumn leaves are falling.

When you no longer control
and what you fear will happen
is played out,
so you can move on.

When you think you loose,
but in truth you are being pushed
along your golden brick road
waiting there for your steps.

When what you loose
and have held so dear
turns out to be
what has kept you
from the intimacy
you thought you had.

When what you loose
was your prison
and your love
shows a yearning
you couldn’t see
before you are close up
and finally free.

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