Staying true to your self

When we are fully present in our consciousness instead of being caught up in thoughts, we already know we are enough. But through our upbringing and in this society we learn thought patterns that tells us we are not enough. 

The voice that says we must be more or less to be good enough, the voice that compares us to others, the idea that we are above or below others, ideas that if we had been just a little more or a little less we would be happier.

It may be the idea that we must be more successful to be happy, we must have more material prosperity, we must have better relationships or we must have other inner qualities than what we have.

Accepting ourselves as we are does not mean that we should not challenge ourselves and grow in our lives, but we can grow from this place where we already accept and are ourselves.

When connected to our consciousness instead of experiencing our lives from the thinking mind, we have a stronger connection with who we are. We connect to our intuition, we can more easily create from the heart rather than what we think is expected of us and we can choose our relationships based on an inner security and love.

Our idea of what ​​success is can change when we become more in touch with ourselves, we make choices from what gives us inner joy and satisfaction and not based on how we are perceived from the outside.

When we meditate, we can practice going more and more into trusting our selves. Trust the consciousness that we are behind thoughts and emotions, trust that our life unfolds as it should and trust in our intuition so that we make those choices which comes from love.

When we step out of fear and worry, it is easier to see the next step on our path more clearly, and even if the next step is the same with or without fear or if you want to choose something more liberating. We use less energy when we manage to let go of fear, control and worry.

This can often be easier said than done! And this is something most of us have to practice on a daily basis and create good routines to integrate living our lives with more consciousness.

Meditation is a tool to become aware of where we hold on to fear and to enter into the awareness that is already conscious of everything. The more we practice going inward the more we become aware of what we have suppressed, and it may seem as if there is more fear then before we started opening up our unconscious.

This is only because we become aware of what was previously hid in the subconscious!

When we gradually go inward and reveal the layers of what has been unconscious, then we can allow it to be a gentle process by having patience and compassion for ourselves. We don't have to reveal everything in one day.

To practice this we can let go of a desire to control a situation and rather go back to the heart. We can set aside 
time to meditate every day. Every time we dare to let the answers come from intuition instead of analyzing things we allow more consciousness to open up inside of us. 

You have probably already experienced that when you have to find something or solve a problem, that it is better to let go then try to figure it out. Have you noticed that when you let go - do something else, meditate or sleep one night - the answer just comes to you out of the blue? This is exactly how meditation works, it gives us access to the consciousness that already has the answer.

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