Core & Yin workshop in Wimbledon, London, October – 2019
In this workshop we will focus on the strengthening and energetic yoga as well as the calmer and more introspective yin yoga.
You will get an experience of the strength coming from engaging the beneficial muscles for postural alignment and the ease of the poses when connecting to the breath.
We will in particular have focus on core muscles and back muscles through therapeutic exercises to strengthen our posture. Together with the breath we will bring this focus with us into our yoga practice.
You will learn simple therapeutic techniques to let go of deeper tensions in your muscles.
The last part of the class will be longer held postures – yin yoga – where we can release deeper sitting tensions from our bodies and have a focus on breath and stillness inside.
We will finish the class with a guided relaxation and meditation.
Class is suitable for all levels, both for deepening your practice of yoga through the focus on the therapeutical exercises and if you are new there will be enough time to learn every posture.
We will start with postures with extra focus on stability, bandhas og core muscles. The yoga is strengthening, softening and balancing for both body and mind.
After Savasana we will have a short break before we continue with a calmer yin yoga session where we focus on letting go of the deeper sitting tensions in our bodies. We sit longer in each pose so that the body have time to let go on a deeper level.
We will finish the day with a guided meditation and relaxation.

Date: May 2019
Time: 12:00 to 15:00
Price: 50 GBP
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