Svadhisthana – the Second Chakra

The second chakra, Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is the place where the soul abodes, where we feel nurtured and safe in the world. When this chakra is balanced, we feel loved, we know that we are loved and safe in the world. Any imbalance here comes from blocked fears and emotions from the past that we are not willing to look at and let go of. This imbalance can make us search for a union outside of ourselves instead of the sacred Union within. When this chakra is balanced it creates an energy that supports our spiritual growth and nurtures us from within.

A balanced second chakra also gives us healthy and balanced relationships. If we have suppressed emotions and fears we will keep certain parts of ourselves hidden to our conscious awareness, often referred to as our shadow sides. The tendency could be to project our shadow sides on to our partners and friends, which again can create friction and arguments in our relations. If we dare to look within instead and noticing what it is inside of us that are reacting to our surroundings, we can use our relationships as a way to grow in acceptance and love and step out of blame and control.

“Wholeness in the second chakra establishes a positive emotional identity: we know we are loved and lovable; we accept our feelings and realize that others accept our feelings; we can give emotional support without condition.”
“Enlightenment. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, by MSI

“The sacred truth inherent in the second chakra is honor one another. This truth applies to our interactions with each other and all forms of life. From a spiritual perspective every relationship we develop, from the most casual to the most intimate, serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious.”
“Anatomy of the Spirit” Caroline Myss


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