Choosing praise over critique

To consciously choose to praise instead of judging will have a positive effect on everyone’s life. Both the person praising and everything this person praises.

You can try this for a day – every time you have the opportunity to praise something or someone, do so. This also works internally if you don´t have the opportunity to say it out loud, then choose to focus on what you appreciate instead of what you can there to criticise. Then notice how this changes your inner state. Do you feel happier? More connected to your self and the world? Do you notice more beauty in your surroundings? Do you feel more open towards the people you meet? Do you feel more grateful for the life you are living right now?

Our natural state is praise, our natural state and birth right is happiness, it is easier to turn into a state of appreciation and awareness then it was to get caught in our judgemental thinking. And remember you have never been and will never be the judgmental thoughts, so don´t judge your self for judging 😉 It is just a thought passing through your unbounded awareness.

“To remain in a state of ongoing appreciation, we need to remain as awareness in this present moment. Most of us have negative thought patterns and subconscious beliefs that will influence our state of mind and what we create as soon as we step back into unconscious thinking. The more we turn inwards to a state of awareness and stillness, the more this negative programming will dissolve. The most effective way to experience stillness and awareness is in meditation, where we can choose to disengage from the negative thinking of the mind on a perpetual basis. ”

From “Be the Alchemist of Your Life


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