Inspiration from my brick wall


Through some years of inner search and meditation, what I have found up to this point is that one of my deepest longings and highest dreams, are freedom. Freedom can be many things and for me the ultimate freedom is to have freedom from negative thinking and limiting beliefs. No distracting thoughts, no negative judgments, viewing the world from a peaceful mind and an inner state of happiness.

Throughout my life I have created different experiences in the search of finding an answer to this longing for freedom. Some of these experiences have been negative in a way of feeling trapped so I could experience the freedom of getting out of that entrapment. When our longings are unconscious, we can some times create negative experiences in order to reach what we are searching for on a deeper level.

But most of the experiences have been beautiful: finding freedom in a peaceful mind, freedom in traveling, freedom in connecting with nature, freedom in loving someone without conditions, freedom in viewing the world without limitations, freedom when the barriers between people dissolve, freedom in choosing what my hearts wants over my head, freedom in choosing what I love to work with.

Have you connected to your deepest longing? Can you recognize how you can create this longing in positive or negative ways? Do you take steps towards following your highest dream every day?

I get inspired by this quote by Albert Camus:
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”

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