Praise creates a magical life

“Through my meditation practice I have become more aware of the subconscious ideas that can influence my life in a negative way. When letting go of these negative thought patterns and stepping into a state of awareness, it has increased my appreciation of my inner experience and life tremendously. This inner state has made it easier to apply and remember appreciation in all parts of my life and it has made it easier to stay in a mode of awareness and joy. It is as if this state of awareness has a natural tendency to see beauty and appreciate what is presented here and now, as if praise is the natural state of the mind.”

Would love to hear your experience with praise. Have you actively had your focus on it and noticed how this can change your experience of your life? Do you have a meditation technique that aids you in letting go of critical voices? My challenge for you and myself this week is to apply praise throughout the day every time we remember. Would love to hear your experience with this! 🙂


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